Kingdom Krew – You are for me (Kari Jobe) choreo, dance (Crawl remix)


Kingdom Krew – Without you – christian hip hop

Through Jesus we can live in victory. All my success in live is because of God. I cant do anything without him. He gives me the rest i need, the peace, the love, the hope, the joy. Only with his strengh i can push through.

Durch Jesus koennen wir im Sieg leben. Meinen Erfolg im Leben habe ich allein Gott zu verdanken. Ohne ihn waere ich nicht wo ich jetzt bin. Er gibt mir die Ruhe und Kraft, den Frieden, seine Liebe, Hoffnung und Freude. Nur durch seine Staerke bin ich stark.

Living room renovation – cheap and simple

Since we won’t live in our apartment for very long I wanted to renovate it to make it look more like a home but also without spending a lot of money.

After taking everything out of the room, I painted the walls in a cream/rose color. The shelves and the wine rack where the really cheap ones from Ikea. I painted them in the same color and to organize our stuff I put boxes into the shelves.

I find it looks better if all the “stuff” is in boxes, and the empty spaces I just for decoration.

The plant was from Ikea too. Plants and flowers make the living space so much nicer.

Instead of getting an expensive painting, I just got a cheap canvas and some paint and painted my own.

I put some candlelight holders onto the wall, which give the room a really nice atmosphere. Since our wall is a light color I chose the furniture in a dark brown. I wanted to add a color, so I got decoration like pillows, blankets, the boxes, parts of my picture(…) in turquoise.

Altogether I tried to keep it simple and cheap. Not just to make our next move easier, but also I don’t have to take care or clean so many things throughout the week.

I hope the pictures will give you some inspiration.


2 shelves 20 Euro

Paint for shelves 10 Euro

2 wine racks 20 Euro

Canvas 15 Euro

Picture frames 20-30 Euro

Decoration (candlelight holders, mirrors, plant) 20 Euro

Wall paint 10 Euros

Box blue (4 Euro each) 12 Euro

I spend around 127 Euro (140 Dollars)

How do you like my ideas? Do they help you? Or can you share other inspirations?